Another shocking TV clunker from Peugeot

[Article from the @SIMONPLENT archive:]

Just seen a new TV ad for a Peugeot. Don’t remember the model. The ad was so shockingly incompetent that the car being sold (HA!) was the very last thing that anybody will take away from it.

This is another horrific example of the current vogue in TV advertising for outrageous ‘borrowed interest’.

Borrowed Interest is when the creators of the ad are obviously so bored by the product they’re advertising that they think the audience will be too. So they add something totally irrelevant into the script in order to catch our attention.

In this case, the ad opens with a bloke looking for his lost cat. (That’s CAT, c,a,t.)

Then suddenly we cut to some annoying youngsters in the car. Then we cut back to another reference to the lost cat…then back to the car.

My brain was humming into overdrive trying to work out what I’d missed: what had the lost cat and its owner got to do with the car (and vice versa)?

Nope. Nothing. No link.

Just pure borrowed interest. In a pathetic attempt to make the ad funny (fail), cool (fail), edgy (fail).


The team that wrote it, the creative director that approved it, the account director that sold it, and the client that bought it should all hang their heads in deep, deep shame.


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