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Branding is the most misunderstood concept in marketing today. Despite what many digital and design agencies will tell you, a brand is not a logo and colour palette and a lame slogan. A brand is the combination of values and feelings your customer experiences when she sees or hears your brand name. A brand is created over time as new customers sample your product or service, or experience your customer service, and form an opinion of it. In short, you build a brand by getting people to try your product. You don't get people to buy your product by 'branding'.

DO you really value your clients?

Are you understanding, valuing and reassuring your clients?

It doesn't do any of us any harm to be reminded of some of the basic principles of what we do from time to...
pig sales hogwash

The snake oil salesman is alive and well

They used to be called mountebanks, charlatans, snake-oil salesmen or simply confidence tricksters. But now they run companies called Ouch! or Connexshuns or Orange Toad...