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Articles about online marketing: websites, emails and social media. (And occasionally I'll touch on the topic of banners, Adsense etc, the most useless, rip-off advertising medium ever invented.)

How to write headline: pain

How to write a headline (1): where’s your customer’s pain?

If your copy or website content hasn't got a great headline — one that entices even the most casual reader or browser to dive...
All marketing is a transaction says copywriter Simon Plent

The secret transaction behind all successful marketing

For me, there’s one thing that separates the serious players in marketing and marketing comms from the amateurs, would-be’s and downright bullshit merchants who...
Does anybody want to read your stuff?

Remember: nobody wants to read your sh*t

Just read the book "Nobody wants to read your sh*t" and it's a timely reminder about one of the basic facts in the marketing...
How to write for tablets?

Is your website broken before you even launch it?

Remarkably, I still see people launching brand-new websites that aren't 'mobile first' — ie they aren't optimised for viewing and reading on mobile phones....
Copywriting: why a whisper is louder than a scream

Sometimes a whisper is louder than a scream

It seems that, in order to be heard above the mindless racket that passes for TV adverting these days, advertisers are becoming more and...
Is grammar important on web content?

Is grammar really that important?

Should you really be that worried about knowing the difference between 'you're' and 'your', 'there and their' (and 'they're'), and 'it's' and 'its'? Aren't...
Is storytelling important in web content?

What’s the story with ‘storytelling’?

There's nothing digital marketers like more than a new buzzword. And the latest one is 'storytelling'. Apparently your website or digital marketing is missing...
Why your website should be about your customers not you

Is your website for you or for your customers?

Take a good hard look at your company's website content. Who is it designed and written to please? You, your board... ...or your customers and...
Web content why designers are wrong

Huzzah! A new ‘nobody scrolls’ has emerged from the digital universe.

Digital, ahem, gurus who used to bleat at us constantly that 'nobody scrolls' on websites or emails – despite massive evidence (and personal experience)...
typewriter sales letter man

Why Apple’s 2015 website feels like a classic 50s direct response letter

There's more to getting your website design right than using the latest trendy scrolling techniques... I was chatting to Paul Lindsell, Creative Director of the...