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Articles about online marketing: websites, emails and social media. (And occasionally I'll touch on the topic of banners, Adsense etc, the most useless, rip-off advertising medium ever invented.)

Why your website should be about your customers not you

Is your website for you or for your customers?

Take a good hard look at your company's website content. Who is it designed and written to please? You, your board... ...or your customers and...
Web content why designers are wrong

Huzzah! A new ‘nobody scrolls’ has emerged from the digital universe.

Digital, ahem, gurus who used to bleat at us constantly that 'nobody scrolls' on websites or emails – despite massive evidence (and personal experience)...
typewriter sales letter man

Why Apple’s 2015 website feels like a classic 50s direct response letter

There's more to getting your website design right than using the latest trendy scrolling techniques... I was chatting to Paul Lindsell, Creative Director of the...
banner ads, adsense image

Whatever happened to the digital advertising revolution?

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. (As Pete Townshend of The Who once wrote.) Do you remember how, a few short years...
How SEO can kill your website

Is SEO killing your website?

Something weird seems to be happening in the world of marketing. Perfectly sensible clients, trained in strategic thinking, market analysis and sophisticated sales & marketing...
Copy or web content?

Has copy become simply space filler?

Last week, a client referred to a B2B sales letter I'd written as 'content'. As in, 'I'll see if anyone has any more comments...
Web content myths

And now everybody scrolls

You have to laugh. This blog is entitled Nobody Scrolls as an ironic reference to the fact that when I started it, everyone who claimed...
HOw to use social media

Social Media: why it’s a PR medium not an advertising medium

These days, you can't do an advertising pitch to a potential new client without including some soshul meeja, innit, content. So the copywriters and art...
How to develop a good comms concept

Borrowed Interest: the lazy person’s alternative to an idea

Borrowed interest. This is where you import an idea, a headline, a visual treatment or something else irrelevant to the product or service you're...

How long should a headline be?

"How long should a website headline be?" If there are two feedback comments that are guaranteed to get a direct response copywriter's hackles up, his...