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This is where we discuss stuff that isn't online. Traditional media like TV, press, posters and direct marketing, including literature and doordrops.

How to write effective inserts

Inserts: It doesn’t matter what your message is if nobody can read it.

Because I’m in the business of writing and designing inserts, amongst other things, I look at inserts.  Whereas most normal people shake them straight...

What makes a great advertising headline?

What makes a great headline? One myth that needs to be nailed into a lead coffin and buried at least six feet under right...
peugeot tv ad

Another shocking TV clunker from Peugeot

Just seen a new TV ad for a Peugeot. Don't remember the model. The ad was so shockingly incompetent that the car being sold...
tv advertising

TV advertisers, please don’t tell me what you believe

Has TV advertising finally lost the plot? It seems that every ad break contains at least one commercial that opens with a variation of "Here...