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These posts are me ranting on about something in the marketing industry that needs to be said.

What does a freelance copywriter actually do?

If you’re thinking that your business might need to call in a professional wordsmith, are you sure you can answer the key question: what...
All marketing is a transaction says copywriter Simon Plent

The secret transaction behind all successful marketing

For me, there’s one thing that separates the serious players in marketing and marketing comms from the amateurs, would-be’s and downright bullshit merchants who...
Website and digital content scams

Beware of false internet gurus!

There's a whole online industry of self-proclaimed gurus and experts that's entirely dedicated to telling online marketers how to become millionaires by marketing themselves...
Is ageism in advertising out of control?

Ageism in advertising is out of control

In most industries you care to think of, experience is considered a jolly good thing. He's a highly experienced surgeon, you're in safe hands with...
People want to buy from you

Always remember: people WANT to buy your stuff

lYou see so much marketing where it's clear that the manufacturer or business owner (or their agency) are embarrassed about their product. Or at...
Is changing someone's mind the hardest thing in advertising and copywriting?

Changing someone’s mind is the hardest thing in advertising. (And politics.)

If there's one thing marketeers should note from the EU referendum campaigns it's this: nobody listens to advertising and promotion. We had massively expensive and media-saturating...
goggelbox marketing

Why everyone in marketing should watch Gogglebox

I really like Gogglebox. I like it for a number of reasons but, wearing my work hat, I like it for three reasons: Firstly, because it...
Are millenials important for marketing?

Excuse me, but where might I meet a millennial?

Sigh, as they say in the online forums. In marketing circles, real or virtual, you can't move for people blathering on about millennials about the...
How to write and design a political leaflet

HM Government’s pro-EU leaflet reviewed

HM Government – or the members thereof who support staying in the EU – have spent nine million quid of taxpayers' money on a...
What makes a great car ad?

What on earth were Ford thinking of?

There's a new TV commercial for Ford cars here in the UK. It's flogging their American range, the Mustang and the GT etc. So...