“Simon recently reworked our website copy ... it resulted in an impressive improvement in both enquiries and sales for our business” says Robin James, MD of Planet Numbers Ltd.
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Techniques posts are helpful tips, techniques and comments to help you get the very best performance out of your online and offline marketing and advertising. From writing a brief for your agency (or copywriter) to designing a poster in five minutes flat.

Revolutionary copy writing technique

A revolutionary new way to look at copy

Why is some copy so ineffective at getting customers to do whatever it is you want them to do? Whether it’s clicking through to...

How to write a headline (2): what’s the benefit to your reader?

This is the second article giving you some easy-to-use tips and techniques about how to write a headline. These work for websites, blogs, press...
How to write headline: pain

How to write a headline (1): where’s your customer’s pain?

If your copy or website content hasn't got a great headline — one that entices even the most casual reader or browser to dive...
How to write a poster

How to write a brilliant poster in five minutes flat

Here's how to write a poster, based on something we see on every street... We've all seen them, the desperately sad home-made posters pinned to...
How to write a press ad

How NOT to write and design a full page press ad

Want to know how to write a press ad? Here's how NOT to do it... This is a real jaw-dropper. Back page of The Telegraph,...
Does anybody want to read your stuff?

Remember: nobody wants to read your sh*t

Just read the book "Nobody wants to read your sh*t" and it's a timely reminder about one of the basic facts in the marketing...
How to write a creative brief

How to write the perfect creative brief

Here's a quick tutorial on how to write a creative brief. A dying art it seems! Writing a bad creative brief is really easy. Writing a...
Copywriting: why a whisper is louder than a scream

Sometimes a whisper is louder than a scream

It seems that, in order to be heard above the mindless racket that passes for TV adverting these days, advertisers are becoming more and...
Is grammar important on web content?

Is grammar really that important?

Should you really be that worried about knowing the difference between 'you're' and 'your', 'there and their' (and 'they're'), and 'it's' and 'its'? Aren't...
People want to buy from you

Always remember: people WANT to buy your stuff

lYou see so much marketing where it's clear that the manufacturer or business owner (or their agency) are embarrassed about their product. Or at...