Hi, I’m a really, really nice person…

Testimonials are a great way to communicate the fact that your company is manned by nice people. Why? Because they’re (apparently) coming from someone who isn’t you!

Imagine going up to a complete stranger and saying ‘Hello, I’m really friendly’. Or ‘Hello, I’m a really caring sort of person’. You’d never do it. It would be weird and creepy. And the person you’d approached would run a mile and/or call the police.

Yet people do precisely this, all the time, in their marketing communications.

They make claims about their personality, or their team’s friendliness.

Do they really think that by saying “Contact one of our friendly sales team” they’re going to get more calls than if they simply say “Contact our sales team…”?

Presumably, or why else would they do it?

If you want to convince people your sales team are any friendlier than the average sales team, use testimonials so your gushing praise comes from a customer not from you.

“The team at XYZ Doors were really helpful, most  impressed” might genuinely get you some extra enquiries or sales.


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