Is your website for you or for your customers?

Take a good hard look at your company’s website content. Who is it designed and written to please? You, your board…

…or your customers and prospects?

Go on, look again. Be honest now. Is the content totally focused on your customers’ needs and issues? Or is it a lot of it just stuff about how brilliant you think you are?

So many websites are simply vehicles for the company’s corporate vanity. Marketing directors who want their latest tv campaign to feature on it. CEOs who want their picture and CV on it. Web designers who want their latest whizzy technological innovation on it. And so on.

Ask yourself a couple of simple questions.

1: Does my website look like advertising? If it does it will be letting you down. Badly.

2: Does my website content talk about my customers or does it talk about us, the company? If it’s the latter, you’re losing out.

In short, has the website content been written to help your customers in some way or is it simply one giant About Us compendium of stuff your customers couldn’t give a monkey’s about?

So here’s a suggestion. Instead of writing About Us, how about writing About You?


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