LHS | Law firm website driven by UX needs

LHS is a large firm of solicitors, based mostly in Manchester, UK. They asked digital agency Space01 to build them a new ‘brand’ look and feel including a brand-new website that encapsulated their desire to offer customers a cost-effective online legal advice service, to run alongside its more traditional offering. Space01 asked me to get involved right at the start, to help them define the LHS offering and establish a UX (user experience) and communications strategy for the new site.

We analysed the competition’s sites and it was clear that British law firms were not sitting at the cutting edge of customer-focused UX design, to put it mildly. The order of the day was tedious “we were founded in 1842…” copy alongside library shots of cityscapes and smiling partners.

UX dictated the website’s entire structure

For LHS, therefore, we cut straight to the chase, making the homepage the first step in getting visitors straight to the potential solution to their legal problem. Literally by leading them through a series of simple questions starting with “are you an individual or a company”.

It was a totally ground-breaking approach for the legal professional, putting messaging and UX centre stage of the whole website strategy and not just leading with website design and pretty pictures, still the default modus operandi for so many digital and design agencies.


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