PPS Mutual | Building a financial brand from scratch

PPS is a big insurance brand in South Africa. It’s what’s called a ‘mutual’ which means that policyholders own a slice of the company and, in due course, get paid dividends. The dividends can even offset the premiums if you’re with them long enough. More unusually, it only provides policies for professionals like doctors, lawyers, surveyors and so on.

PPS had decided to expand into Australia but they wanted to create a whole new brand for the new market. Digital agency Space01 asked me to help them. Happily, I was involved right from the start.

It was important that PPS Mutual, as the Australian company is known, had a very distinctive look, feel and tone of voice. This would clearly differentiate it from the other Australian insurance companies, and underline its ‘professionals only’ credentials and positioning.

A unique new brand language

We created a look and feel based on a new logo and a distinctive new colour palette. Plus, we developed a unique illustration style that we believed fitted the supremely business-like positioning of PPS Mutual.

We then created a tone of voice and brand vocabulary for them that incorporated some slight tweaks on traditional insurance jargon. For example, clients became Members, financial advisers became Accredited Advisers.

PPS rolled the new brand out across the web, video, literature, signage and everywhere else the brand would be visible. This included the financial advisers’ ground-breaking online PPS portal.

We were delighted to receive some great feedback, too. A senior financial adviser, obviously a clear target for the new brand, commented “I usually chuck insurance brochures straight in the bin but I read this one cover to cover”. Praise indeed from a very cynical target group.





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