“Simon recently reworked our website copy ... it resulted in an impressive improvement in both enquiries and sales for our business” says Robin James, MD of Planet Numbers Ltd.
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Strategic brand development

How your brand talks to your customers is a vital is a key tool in ensuring they start to think about your brand in the way you want them to. That means using the right imagery, the right copy tone of voice and, most importantly, the right communications strategy that precisely identifies and meets your customers' needs and desires.

Website content

Whilst I’m more than happy to simply fill in the gaps on a wireframe, my clients tend to get more effective sites when I’ve been involved right from the start. This allows us to jointly get the messaging hierarchy and UX ('user experience') strategy right at the earliest opportunity. 

Digital and offline advertising

Press, radio, TV, posters, online banners. Be clear who you want to talk to (the people most likely to buy what you’re selling) and even clearer about the specific reasons they should buy from you. As always, identifying the key messages that persuade your customers to enquire or buy are key.

Emails, blogs and social

All forms of advertising are there simply to replace the one-to-one, face-to-face conversation that any company would really like to have with its customers. Emails, blogs and social media give you an opportunity to regularly speak to your customers in a more personal, less formal way. 

Sales letters, brochures and DM

I believe that all copy — digital or offline — is really direct marketing copy. What’s the point of writing copy if you don’t want your customer to respond in some way? But there's something uniquely powerful about a great personal sales letter, a compelling, benefit-packed brochure and a control-busting outer envelope. And they're coming back!

Business to business

Sadly, a lot of B2B copy written by less-experienced copywriters is extremely ineffective. It’s really hard to write powerful copy for a B2B audience – you have to learn about the language and technical jargon the audience uses and be very clear about their specific business needs and motivations. Say no to glib puns and shallow wordplay!


In recent years I've been writing for a lot of financial brands, including helping with the creation of a brand-new Australian insurance brand from scratch: PPS Mutual. Needless to say, when you're writing for organisations like Lloyds,  LV= or The Pensions Regulator you need to really know your stuff.


Writing fundraising copy is a very specific, and often misunderstood, skill. You have to get the balance right between the problem and the solution, and you have to be very clear about what you're asking the punter to do. Plus your tone of voice is crucial — as far from advertising as possible. And, naturally, you need to produce it all as cheaply as possible.

Web design and print artwork

Some of my smaller clients ask me to organise design, website build and print artwork for their marketing communications, as well as help them with their strategy, messaging and, of course, copy. I have a small, but perfectly formed, network of top-notch designers, art directors and web gurus who I work with to offer clients the complete package.